Autonomous gamma-ray logging tool

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Autonomous gamma-ray logging tool

Autonomous gamma-ray logging tool


The stand-alone gamma-ray logging tool is designed to record the intensity of gamma radiation of formations along the trunk of oil and gas wells.



  • The device allows you to set up to 8 measurement intervals. In each interval, you can turn off the registration (sleep mode).  
  • Setting the operating mode and reading information into the computer is carried out via the USB port.  
  • The software allows you to set the operating modes of the device, check the status of the batteries and the contents of the memory, rewrite the information in the PC, view and print the registered data in the form of tables or graphs.  
  • The received information is read from the device to the computer via a standard USB port and is written to a hard disk or floppy disk. The results of the study can be displayed on a computer screen in digital and graphic form, printed on a printer or transferred to other data processing programs.  
  • It can be lowered into the well by pipes, scraper wire or UPPP device.  
  • Duration of continuous data recording up to 142 hours.  
  • The duration of continuous operation from one set of batteries is 70 hours when using batteries of size "AA" and up to 300 hours using batteries of size "C".  



Autonomous gamma-ray logging devices can have a lower threaded connection for connecting the next device when working in complex.

There is an option for working in an environment with a high content of hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S).


Principle of operation

Information is recorded in digital form in the internal memory of the device. Flash memory is used as memory , which allows you to save information when the power is off. After the measurement process, the information is read into a computer for processing and analysis. The read data can be displayed on a computer screen in digital and graphic form, printed on a printer or transferred to other data processing programs ..

The readings of the radiation intensity and voltage of the power source are recorded with a period of one second.





Registration period, s


Maximum number of measuring points


Information reading time, min, no more


Information storage time, years, not less


The number of write cycles to the internal memory, not less


Maximum working ambient temperature, ° С


Minimum working ambient temperature, ° С

minus 30

Maximum allowable hydrostatic pressure of the environment, MPa


Maximum power consumption, mW


Overall dimensions:
- length, mm, no more
- diameter, mm, no more


Supply voltage (5 lithium elements of a standard size "C"), In

17.5 ± 1.5

Maximum allowable concentration of H 2 S in a controlled environment,%




Autonomous Instrument Software [ASGS_setup.exe]