Manometer thermometer autonomous MTA-6

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Manometer thermometer autonomous MTA-6


The autonomous pressure gauge-thermometer МТА -6 is designed for registration of high-pressure and high-voltage sensors for a long time (up to 45 days). The registration of pressure and temperature values is done over time at a point (anywhere, for example, at the bottom). 



Setting the operating mode and reading information into the computer is carried out via the USB port.

Setting up to 8 data recording intervals with setting different modes in each interval: the registration period and the duration of the registration interval.

The duration of continuous data recording depending on the registration period is from 150 hours to 4 years.

The duration of continuous operation when using one AA-size battery is up to 300 days.

The use of high-quality materials in the manufacture of pressure gauges ensures their reliable operation in wells with a working temperature of up to 150 ° C and with a hydrogen sulfide content of up to 30%.

Technological software allows you to set the operating modes of the pressure gauge, check the condition of the batteries, view and print out the registered values ​​in the form of tables or graphs, integrate and correlate the depth of the pressure gauge with the readings of other devices.



MTA-6 are produced with a diameter of about m42 mm and have a lower threaded connection for inclusion in the autonomous recording complex.





Recorded overpressure, MPa

up to 80

Limits of permissible reduced error of registration of overpressure,%

± 0.2

Pressure resolution,% of the upper limit of measuring overpressure, not worse


Maximum working temperature, ° С


Temperature resolution, ° С, not worse

0.05; 0.005

Duration of continuous operation from one battery

up to 300 days

Minimum / maximum data recording period, s


Type of computer communication interface


Number of registration points, not less


Overall dimensions:
- diameter, mm, no more
- length, mm, no more

38; 42

Maximum allowable concentration of H 2 S in a controlled environment,%




Autonomous Instrument Software [ASGS_setup.exe]